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Thursday, October 27, 2011

DIY Baby Gift

So I am now a proud Aunt of a lovely little girl. So happy the baby is healthy and happy. It was hard not being there when she was born. They live in a different country and we never get too see them as much as we like. So I knew that I had to get them an amazing gift because I wont be able to help out at all with the baby

 ( I can remember when i was a child and had a homemade quilt from my grandmother. I still have that very same quilt 25 years later). So I thought I should make something special, meaningful, and home made. SO I started to make a quilt. I wasn't sure what colour their baby's room was and I also didn't know how girlie they wanted it to be. So i decided to go for the reversible quilt. One side very girly bright pink and the other blue with flowers. Very cute if Ido say so myself!

The material I had was not big enough to do the size of quilt I wanted, so I needed to add a border. I know white isn't the best choice for a newborn baby but its all I had. So first thing I needed to do was add the border. Just iron, pin, and sew your border.

Quilting frame before

Quilting frame after

Now that my border is added on both side its time for the frame. Just put the quilt in the frame. I decided to do one side and work my way around. 

Okay so here is how to quilt a tie-knot quilt. First figure out what you are going to use. I decided on yarn (you could use almost any type of thick string or embroidery string. From the top of your quilt put the needle through making sure one end of the yarn is still on the top. Then pull your yarn through (making sure not to pull both sides of the string through the top of the quilt) Then come up the other side.

Now you have both ends of the yarn on the top side of the quilt.

Take both ends and knot them. Right over left then left over right.

I measured my quilt and found out how many knots i could get across. That's how i determined how far apart my knots would be from one another.

Once your knots are finished then trim the yarn. I did mine by pinching the yarn where it meets the quilt then trimming the extra off. Now it is time to finish the sides of your quilt.

Take one side of the quilt and hem it. See above.

Once one of the two sides of the quilt is hemmed then you can finish the quilt. Take the non hemmed side and fold over making both sides even. Then sew the sides into one. I did this by hand because I can trust myself more than my sewing machine.

This is the finished product. A beautiful reversible quilt fit for a little princess.

Stay tuned to see what you can do with your left over material. Amazing idea!

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