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William Morris, Hopes and Fears for Art (1882)

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Pearl Christmas Ornaments

I found this picture of this amazing pearl Christmas ornaments from Anthropologie for $12.00 US. I think that's pretty darn expensive, seeing as how I think I can make pretty close to the same thing for cheaper, and I did,and you can too!

First take the string of pearls and place them on a table. Cut the string that is holding the pearls, take a few pearls off so there is extra string without pearls on it.
Glue the first pearl of the string on the ball. (make sure you glue this one on really well, all the other pearls position relies on this first guy)

Then tightly glue the pearls around the first pearl. Continue to glue the pearls around and around.

This is what it should look like when you have glued half of your pearls on.

This is the finished product. I can't tell you how easy this was. I think it took me 1 hour to do 4 of them. They are going to look really nice wrapped up in a nice package and given to family and friends for gifts. No one has to know that these babies only cost me $2.37 EACH!!!

All you need is:
8 styrofoam balls from Dollarama for $1.00
1 String of pearls from Dollarama for $2.00
Glue sticks $2.00
To make all 8 ornaments it cost $19.00 ($2.37 EACH)

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