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William Morris, Hopes and Fears for Art (1882)

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Dollar Store Art

I have been looking for square picture frames for a while. I did find some at Ikea that were 20"x 20" and were $19.99 each! So I looked for a better deal then finally I found it during one of my trips to the dollar store. These sweet gems are 12x12 picture frames and were $2.00 each! When I bought them they were all different colours, so I spray painted them all black. Then I looked for a while for some nice fabric to put in the frames, but all the ones I liked were all $16.00 a meter!! ( Too rich for my blood)

 These are the frames from Dollarama. They are suppose to be used for scrapbooking pages but are perfect for this project. 

I have used several different kinds of spray paint, but there is nothing better than "Rust Olium Painters Touch."

Step By Step Instructions
1.) Take the frames apart (place the glass somewhere safe) Put the frame on newspaper and   start spray painting with Primer first.
2.) Wait about an hour for it to completely dry. Then paint them with black spray paint.
3.) Wait about another hour or two until it is dry as a bone.


4.) Meanwhile, get your napkins out and iron them flat. Place them in the middle of your white 12"x12" scrapbooking paper. Glue or tape the napkin to the scrapbook paper.

5.) Put the scrapbook paper and napkin into the frame, hang it onto the wall and call it a day.

All you need is:
3- 12"x12" picture frames from Dollarama- $2.00 each
1- can of Primer Painters spray paint- $5.49 each
1- can of Painters black spray paint- $5.49 each
3- 5"x5" napkins- $2.00 pkg of 50
3- White paper for a background- $1.00 each
Total for 3 picture frames is $25.98

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