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William Morris, Hopes and Fears for Art (1882)

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Hoosier Cabinet Breathes New Life

Hoosier Cabinet 2002
Revitalized once, oh, and once again.  This diamond in the rough housed oil in my inlaw's garage for years.  One day I said "that it would make a great tv cabinet!," but my father in law refused to let me have something so "ugly" in my house.  A few years later when cleaning out the garage I insisted that I still wanted this piece.  It did need some TLC.  The upper doors were not original, and the flour sifter had long ago been taken out, but the enamel counter was "perfect" with its banged up edge. 

Hoosier Cabinet 2002
At the time we lived in a new home with white kitchen cabinets and the hoosier fit perfectly beside the pantry cabinet.  Handy husband added crown moulding on  2 sides, and fancy corner pieces as we left the doors off and it looked like it had always been there.
4 years ago we moved, and the hoosier came with us ( It is part of the family now, and my mother in law remembers it being the only counter space her mother had in her kitchen.  Could you imagine?) and took up residence in our kitchen and then our renovated laundry room, but still only had 2  sides of crown moulding and had become a catchall of clutter.

Well now that fall is here, and we have moved indoors the indoor list can start getting worked on, and I am happy to say that the laundry room is almost complete.  (Watch for future postings of our cupboard and tile project).  Saturday morning I cleared all the clutter and got to painting the hoosier yet again to give it new life.  It now matches the kitchen and laundry room cabinets, has spray painted handles and hinges, some great new decorative pieces found at Cookstown Wing Ding and the finished crown moulding.  I love this "ugly" old piece.

Hoosier Cabinet 2011

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