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William Morris, Hopes and Fears for Art (1882)

Monday, October 10, 2011

"Plate Art"

I needed something in my kicthen to spice things up. I had a huge wall with nothing on it. After hours of staring at the wall....I decided that I would go treasure hunting for old plates with character. These plates were found at thrift stores and yard sales. They looked nothing like this when I first found them.

These are what the plates looked like before my creative juices started flowing. I got these 4 from the thrift store.

Step By Step Instructions

1.) Finding plates. This might seem like a pretty straight forward task but it took me about a month to collect all these plates with all kinds of different features.

2.) Wash and scrub the plates until they are clean as a whistle.

3.) Lay down some newspaper. Place your clean plate on the newspaper then start painting with Primer spray paint.

I really do like the results I get when I use this spay paint. I found it at Home Depot.

4.) The waiting game. Wait for about an hour until the plates have completely dried. Then spray paint them with whatever colour of spray paint you like. I picked white and cream.

5.) Arranging. This step might take a while, I played around with the plates on the floor for about a week. Make sure you get a pretty good idea on where things should go.

6.) Put the plates on top of wax paper. Trace the plate on the wax paper then cut out the shape. This will help you boat loads when you are placing the plates on the wall.

7.) Now you will be able to put your nails percisely where they belong. Also it is much easier to space the plates. I tried to make the plates the same distance apart and this step really helped to achieve that.

8.) I had some trouble with the wire plate holders and also they were kind of expensive, so I got a little creative. I used a very strong glue called "household glue" (pretty sure that was what it was called). It said you could use it for glue or caulking. Then I got a piece of wire and made it into a loop. I placed the loop on the back of the plate and then glued it into place. Waiting game again for at least 24hours.

9.) Now you can put your nail into the wall and hang your plates and enjoy a cheap cool wall art.

All you need is:
8- Different kind of plates- $2.00 each
1- Platter- $7.99
1- Primer Spray Paint- $5.49
1- White spray Paint- $5.49
1- Cream Spray Paint $5.49
1- Roll of wire - $1.00 (Dollarstore)
1- Tube of glue- $12.35 (Canadian Tire)
Wax paper, Nails, Hammer, Scissors

Total Cost: $53.81

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