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William Morris, Hopes and Fears for Art (1882)

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Thrift Store Chairs

When buying my first home, as most first home buyers I did not have all my furniture. I needed a dining room table desperatley. I found it in my hometown at a garage sale. Table, four chairs, and a leaf for $40.00!!!! There was just one problem, the chairs are kinda unique and I needed more than 4 of course. I was looking for something that was at least similiar. So I hit the Thrift Stores. I have no idea how long I was looking for these chairs but I finally found them on a fluke. I was driving by a Thrift Store and last minute I decided to go in, thank goodness i did.

These are the chairs that came with the table. These are also the chairs that I was trying to find something that looked similiar.

These are the chairs I found at the Thrift Store for....okay are you ready....$2.99 EACH!!! I almost fainted. there were 4 charis there so i took them all. All they needed was a coat of paint and the cusion recovered and they would be perfect!

Step by Step Instructions

1.) Find your chairs that you would like to update.

2.) Then unscrew the seat of the chair. Put it somewhere safe from paint splatter.

3.) Clean the chairs really well. I did end up doing some light sanding, then cleaned it really well with soapy water.

4.) Prepare your space, put down a whole lot of newspaper.

5.) Start painting, I did have a paint sprayer but i didnt like the result. So i sprayed the paint onto the chair and then brushed it after. You could just brush or roll what you can.

6.) Be patient, you have to wait a long time for the paint to completely dry (maybe 24hrs).

7.) While waiting for you chairs to dry you can recover the cusions on your chairs. I do not have pictures of this step.... All you need to do is find some fabric that is durable and something you like.
Place your cusion on the fabric, leave an extra 5 to 10 inch border around the cusion. 
Lightly pull the fabric on one side and staple onto the bottom of the seat.
Turn and staple the oposite side (you want to pull the fabric so there are no creases on the top but you dont want to pull to hard where it looks like the fabric is strained)
Continue doing this on each side pull and staple, then turn to another side, pull and staple.
I leave the corners until last. It is kinda teadeous work. Fold the corners very neatly then staple tem into place.

Here is the finished product

All you need is:
4- Chairs- $2.99 each
1- Paint Can- $15.46
1- Paint brush- $2.99
1- Paint Roller- $3.99
4- Meters of Fabric- $8.00 a meter
1- Stapler and staples- Had them already
Total Cost $42.40

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