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William Morris, Hopes and Fears for Art (1882)

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Paper Mache Christmas Ornament

Okay so this year I am planning on doing an earthy natural looking tree with lots of textures and different shades of earth tones. So I made this paper mache Christmas ornament. VERY EASY and cheap. It would be a great craft to do with kids. 

All you Need:
Glue $1.00 (Dollarama)
Book $2.00 (Dollarama)
Christmas Ball Ornaments $1.50 (Dollarama)

So this book was about golf i think.... Anyways I knew it would be great for this project. You could also use a old book that you don't particularly like. So cut out the pages and then cut the words in strips. I used in the beginning one line of writing per strip but that was taking WAY to0 long. So then I did two lines of words per strip and it seemed to work out great. 

 Then just mix you glue with the water in a bowl. I just guessed on how much glue and water I needed. It worked out. I probably used 1cup of water and 1/2c of glue.

 Then just start dipping your strips of paper into the glue mixture and place on your ball ornament. Let dry overnight and there you have it. Very fun, cheap , and an unique way to update a Christmas Ornament.

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