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William Morris, Hopes and Fears for Art (1882)

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Rustic Christmas Centrepiece

A trip to Lens Mill Store in Cambridge to look for wedding ideas with Laura turned into a great find for me.  My sister spotted these spools, and said come on girls, you can think of something to do with these.  Well the challenge was on.  I loved the worn patina and how rustic they were, of course.  Give me a minute, and I will come up with something!
The next day as I scouted around the house, Handy Husband suggested the lid of my Cheese box, another Christies Antique Show find.  He is not just another pretty face.  The tones of the lid, complement the spools perfectly.  There were so many options!              

           Handy husband cut down 2 of the spools to create 3 different heights ( and now there are 2 smaller pieces waiting for reincarnation) and with the glue gun I randomly fastened them to the lid of the box. I had all kinds of shiny "stuff" ready to go, and some evergreen and lights, but it just wasn't working for me.

Many attempts later, and yes, a time where I threw up my hands, and said, "This isn't going to work" I took another look around at my collection and decided that shiny wasn't the look I was after. Natural suited the spools far better. I had a package of mini ornaments from last Christmas that I had purchased for another project that never got off the ground, and they were the perfect colours. 
Add in some texture with decorative balls that I was replacing in the family room anyway, some big pine cones, and a string of battery operarted lights that I got at my all time favourite gift and "idea" store, Heartstrings, some tea lights in the top (they fit perfectly, I love when a plan comes together) and I have the perfect rustic centrepiece for my island and our upcoming Christmas Open House.

The cost was very minimal as I recycled most pieces.  The spools were $3.99 each and the string of lights $14.99, and the best part is it is unique!

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