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William Morris, Hopes and Fears for Art (1882)

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Wedding Table Numbers

 So I am getting married next summer in July. It's going to be a country barn wedding. I made these a while ago. They are super easy and VERY cheap. I think they will go with the barn theme perfectly.

 What you will need:
Jars-Free (Grandma's Basement)
Buttons Free- (Grandma's Basement)
Burlap- $2.00 ( Lens Mill)
Glue Gun

 Okay so wrap the burlap around the jar. Give yourself about an inch of extra overhang. Cut the burlap. Put  several beads of glue on the glass jar then glue the burlap to the jar. Once dry, tightly wrap your burlap around the jar, then put another bead of glue and glue the burlap together. Wait until dry.

Now you can start adding your buttons to make numbers. I did mine free hand but you could mark you numbers and then glue the buttons on.

That's it! A really cheap idea for table numbers. It cost me about .50 cents a piece!! (NOT TOO BAD :)

**You could also do the buttons in your wedding colour. I choose white because I  had them and they were free, but Imight still do a ribbon on the top in green.***

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