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"Have nothing in your houses that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful."
William Morris, Hopes and Fears for Art (1882)

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Cheap and Cute Art- Under $10.00!!

So again I was in need of some art for my guest bedroom that I just freshly painted. I have been keeping an eye out for something cute, right colours, and of course cheap. What did I find....NOTHING. I must say I am shocked at the price of art work or even picture frames for that matter. So again I found these napkins for super cheap and also the perfect colours. I mean you can find inspiration anywhere, like the grocery store. These napkins were $3.99 a bunch from the Superstore.

First thing is first I need to spray paint the frames with Painters Touch spray paint.

I ironed the napkins put them in the frame and presto instant cheap art!

Monday, March 5, 2012

Bathroom Nightmare to Dream

So when we first moved into our house the previous owners had some interesting colour choices, to say the least. This was our guest washroom. Yes your eyes are not deceiving you, that is a bright red and orange bathroom! 


Bathroom Dream

It is still hard to believe that we even put an offer on this house with this horrible bathroom! When painting the bathroom upstairs it looks like it was the same colour!! What the heck?

Yep I told you red and orange
 So again we were really broke when we moved in so we painted all the walls white as snow (free because we had it) and it was 5 coats later when finally all signs of the horrible red and orange bathroom were gone.

Blank canvas...

 Cabinets off for painting and new hardware.

Cabinets after- looking pretty good if I say so myself. To find out how to paint cabinets go to How To Paint Your Kitchen Cabinets 101

 After all that I painted the bathroom the same colour as the other bathroom CIL Surreal Blue. The reason I did this was because I really like the colour and I had tons left over so why not? New mirror some pictures on the wall and a new shower curtain and this place is like new!

Here is the breakdown
Wall paint $37.97- Home Depot
Cabinet Paint $38.97- Home Depot
Mirror $39.99- Ikea
Black picture frames $12.99 x 3= $38.97- Ikea
Pictures $6.99 for 3- Ikea
Towels $2.97 each x 3=$8.91 Walmart
Shower Curtain $12.97 Walmart

The Grand Total is-$139.83
(I halved the amount of the paint for the walls and the cabinets because i used them in two rooms)

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Updated Bathroom

So this was my tired kinda ugly bathroom when we first moved into our house. We didn't have very much dough when we first moved in because of down payment, lawyer fees, taxes (all that good stuff) So we needed to make this bathroom work for a while. Well time is up and we have a little money so why not spend it ; )


So my budget is $250.00 to turn this bathroom into


Cabinets before

The first thing we had to do was paint those cabinets. They were really dated and way too heavy for the vision we had. So white it is. (Just FYI painting cabinets is not easy or fun, it takes a lot of patience and time to see how we did it How To Paint Your Kitchen Cabinets 101

With freshly painted cabinets and new hardware we were on our way. We lived with the bathroom like this for about 1 year. 

This was our bathroom 1 year later not much has changed but I made a huge mistake when I painted this bathroom the first time. I used the cheapest paint in the store (again remember we were broke) NEVER use cheap paint in the bathroom, never. The walls looked like they were melting (this picture is very forgiving)

This is the light fixture that I had to look at since we bought our house (poor me!)

First things first. Everything has to come down. Mirror, light fixture, towel rack, light switch cover-Everything

 Madness begins

 This is the lovely light fixture that we got for a great price. Things are looking up!

 This is the bathroom with a new mirror, light fixture, fresh paint! SO much better.

Paint colour by CIL- Surreal Blue

 This little shelf was perfect above the toilet.

Okay so I know you are all wondering what this baby cost me from very start to finish. Don't you worry, I have the breakdown!

Cabinet white paint $38.97- Home Depot
Cabinet Hardware $2.97 each x 4 = $11.88 at Home Depot
Light fixture $39.98 Home Depot
Paint for walls - Behr bathroom and high traffic paint- $37.97 Home Depot
Mirror- $79.98- Lowe's
Shelf- $24.99   Ikea
Big Candle Holder $6.00- Bath and Body Works
Small Candle Holder $2.00 or $3.00- Bath and Body Works
Towel Holder, Toilet paper holder, and Hand towel holder set $24.99 Home Depot
New towels each were $2.97 x 3= $8.91 Walmart
Shower Curtain $16.99- Ikea
Bath Mat $6.99- Ikea
Grand Total: $261.68 just slightly over budget
( I halved the price of the paint for the walls and cabinets because I did my other bathroom with the same paint)