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William Morris, Hopes and Fears for Art (1882)

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Guest Bedroom

So being spoiled and with the mindset that bigger is better when we bought a four bedroom house. No one told us how much it costs to update a house let alone a room. Wow the realization of how much these amazing rooms costs from Style at Home kinda hurt. My number one priority all the time is NOT spending too much money. So all of my DIY and updating is super affordable. Now we have been more than fortunate to have people give us some things to help us out with our first home including the bed in this room from a dear friend from work. How amazing is this bed and she just gave it to me, for FREE!

The room has no windows and has a very little light that is well..., ugly. So I  really need to use a bright colour to help breathe life into this tired basement bedroom.  

Picture of room before.

That mirror has been sitting behind the door for 2 years. Time to properly hang it up.

Now I would obviously like to be able to have everything new and wonderful but lets be serious here, I am on a budget.

Is there anything more frustrating than having your significant other say " that light is fine." Well no it's not fine. Besides the  obvious design reasons it is not fine, but also it does not give off enough light in this room. So sorry hun but I win this one!

The mayhem of painting a room without taking all the furniture out. It already looks bigger and brighter :)
Now I would have been more than happy with this room when we first moved in a year and a half ago but now... well lets just say things have changed. I really want to update this house with modern colours and decor. Nothing too crazy in case my style sense changes once again! All this room really needs is a fresh coat of paint, new light fixture (ASAP) some decluttering and maybe some nice art work. Hopefully that mirror will finally be hung on the wall. I really hope I don't spend more than $200.00 to $250.00. Good luck to me!

Finally the mirror is on the wall! The room looks a lot more open and clean. I am still looking to find a new light fixture for this room. So I will keep you posted when I finally find one!

So this projece was way cheaper  than I could have ever imagined.
Paint from Lowes- $35.95
Napkin Art Work- $10.00
Light Fixture- ?

That's it! I am still waiting on a light fixture but there is no way I would spend over $100.00
and also I would like a new bedspread... so when iIfind these things Iwill let you guys know with an update!

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  1. We are looking at a home with a windowless guest bedroom and your post has given me hope that it could work! What paint color did you use from Lowe's?