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William Morris, Hopes and Fears for Art (1882)

Monday, April 9, 2012

Kitchen Reno

So when we first moved into our house our poor little kitchen needed some attention and by attention I mean major work. The only problem was we were first time home owners and the cost of owning a house put a dent into our savings. So we decided that we would paint the kitchen cupboard doors to give it a cheap update. This cost us very little for some paint and new hardware. We both decided that when we had some more money we would add some cabinets, update the back splash, new flooring, paint the walls, new light fixture, new appliances, and a range hood. Well we have some money to
 work with so these dreams are sadly way out of reach...But there is always a solution. We are going to add one cabinet move some things around, range hood, counter top, back splash, and new floor. Now I know what you are thinking...."Did you win the lottery?" No sadly we didn't but we are going to do everything in steps to break up the cost and time to do everything. Also we are going to do as much as we can ourselves to clearly save on money. So we kind of have a plan.



Doors off.

The mayhem

It was a long night.
 After all of that it looks a lot better!

 We still had to add a pantry for storage. We bought it for around $100.00 at Canadian Tire. It was always the plan to add more cabinets.

This is a very rough idea of what we would like to change. We have ordered a new base cabinet for the far left and then plan to move the cabinet above the stove and microwave over to the left as well. We just ordered the counter top it will be here in 1 month. Then we will be installing a range hood (I guess we need to buy one first ;) Eventually we would like to also install a pantry on the very left, but we got a quote for one and it was going to cost over $1000.00. So we decided to wait and when we do decide we need one, it will be easy to install.
#1. Order base cabinet $471.00 at Lowes
#2. Order Counter top $      at HomeDepot
#3. Order flooring
#4. Extend Bulk head on the left.
#5. Move cabinet above stove to the left.
#6. Install base cabinet.
#7. Remove old back splash
#8. Install counter top
#9. Put in new floor
#10. Put in new back splash
#11. Install the range hood.
Now you might be asking why we choose to do this in this order, well I will tell you why. We need some help with installing the back splash and range hood (we are much to scared to do this stuff cause it is way to expensive to screw it up) My soon to be father in law will be coming down in July to do these two things, he is a contractor.
Bye bye old kitchen! Hello reno stress?!?

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