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William Morris, Hopes and Fears for Art (1882)

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Update on Kitchen Reno

We have broken soil. So when I was at work my lovely significant other got to work on extending the bulk head over to where our new cabinets will be going.

Then when I was away again, he dry walled it and mudded it. Looks pretty good other than the obvious colour difference.

Before we went crazy and ripped some stuff out.

After we went crazy and ripped out the cabinet that will be reused under the new bulkhead and the over the range microwave which is put up for sale on Kijiji. Also we will be selling our Stove, Fridge, Reverse Osmosis and dishwasher. 

Here is the cabinet that was above the stove with a little modification to fit our new microwave.

Cabinet installed. Looking good

New microwave in. Obviously in need of some paint but other than that I think this idea is coming together.

Also we needed to move the exhaust vent over a little to the left so it would be center above the stove.

This is our new to us fridge. We bought this fridge from Kijiji for $600.00 and it looks amazing. Going to look a lot better when we get the rest of the appliances and change the finishings of this kitchen. Its just getting so exciting.

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