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The art of turning "good junk" into "great design"

"Have nothing in your houses that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful."
William Morris, Hopes and Fears for Art (1882)

Monday, May 21, 2012

Sea Glass Art

If you read my recent post about the stones collected on PEI you might recall that I also spent a great deal of that vacation walking the idyllic beach and looking for Sea Glass.  It became a personal challenge to see who could find the best pieces, the most unique, the deepest colours.  Each evening we would inspect closer, and wash the red sand from this treasure.
When we came home, I displayed them for a long time on my coffee table (another project for another time), and then they were put away in the cupboard.
 While cruising around Pinterest another pin inspired me to type in Sea Glass, and a number of projects came up, including breaking your own bottles and tumbling them in a rock tumbler to achieve the same results of being tossed in the waves for years.  And so the project began.

A trip to the dollar store for the frame, and a handy husband who bought me the Quick Grip Permanent Adhesive.  It dried clear and was perfect. 
I removed the backing from the frame because I want the light to shine through the glass.  I then used the adhesive to adhere the glass to the frame using a small bead of glue all the way around the frame.
While that was setting I sorted the glass into colour piles.  There was a lot more brown (beer bottles maybe !?!) than other colours and I didn't want to end up with all of them left at the end.

Then randomly I began glueing them to the glass in a disorderly fashion.  Amazingly they all worked in and I am pleased with the results.

Right now my laundry room has been taken over by chickens, and bean plants that are sitting in the windowsill, but as soon as the weather warms enough for all of these to go outside, this southern exposure window will be the perfect home for my Sea Glass Art. 
PS  With the sun shining through this medley of glass, it really is a work of art, and I  love all of the curved pieces and random colours.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Vintage Botanical Prints

So for many years now I have been dreaming of vintage botanical prints in frames. I think it looks so amazing! I have looked in thrift stores for old botanical books or text books and always come up short. So while pinning my life away on Pinterest I came across a lady who had beautiful old vintage botanical prints and she said she got them on ebay. So I went searching and found these amazing prints for $29.99 with shipping for a pack of 12.

So originally I had my eye on these beautiful frames from Ikea but the price was just too high at $18.00 a frame times 6! Way to rich for my blood so where else did I go, Walmart. I got 6 frames for $9.00 each.

These are the prints and in the background is some burlap that I had left over for the background.

The frames came with the white border you see and then I placed the print and then the burlap. These babies make me so happy.

I placed them in the floor to space them out and find out who goes where.

Then I put them on the wall. This is for sure the most important and difficult part of this job. The nails have to be in the wall perfectly not tipped up or down or it will throw off the spacing. Then you must measure measure measure because once one is wrong they all look wrong.
So the price of this project was:
6 Frames at $9.00- Close to $60.00
6 Prints was $30.00
Grand Total- $90.00 Not too bad for huge wall art. I am very pleased with myself!

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Painting Your doors of your house

Here is our house when we first moved in. We have changed a lot since we moved in including taking those huge trees down on both sides of the step.

It just looked dated to me and it kinda bugged me that the front door didn't match the garage door. But I guess it would have been way to much green if the garage door was painted.

So here is what you have to do if you are going to paint any door outside. You need to thoroughly clean it with T.S.P.   It cleans all the dirt off your doors and makes a perfect painting surface.

This was the first coat. I protected the windows of my door with plastic and was waiting for it to dry. I must say the house looks a lot more modern and somehow fresh and different.

Friday, May 11, 2012

Tiling the backsplash

So we got this tile from Home Depot for $11.99 per sq ft. It is marble and is placed on a mesh backing so you don't have to worry about spacing cause its already done for you. We thought this would be a good idea seeing as how both of us have never tiled a single thing before.

Jared putting the mortar on the wall. I am not going to lie it was a lot of trial and error but we figured it out and we had a system in place.

We decided to go up the back wall of the range hood because it will be the main focus of the kitchen.

We were really happy with  it once we got the majority of the tiles on the wall.                          It  looks so good!

NOTE: Tiling is never as clean and easy as you see on TV.   They lie! It was a complete mess. We had to be always wiping and cleaning up little bits of material! BE SURE TO COVER YOUR COUNTER TOPS, SINK AND OVEN!!!

Here is how to install a back splash:
1.) Measure- You have to determine the middle of the wall you want the tile to look the nicest. Be sure to check it twice this is a really important step.
2.) Apply Tile Adhesive- Make sure you start with a small area and apply a thin layer (its surprising but you don't really need a lot) Make sure not to get too ahead of yourself because running into problems like having to cut the tiles to fit, your adhesive might dry right up.
3.) Install the tile- Make sure that the tile is 100% straight and then push quite firmly into place.
4.) Continue to install tile straight and use spacers between the tile if you are using individual tile.
5.) WAIT- Our adhesive said to wait 24-36 hours before applying grout. DO not go ahead and grout right away.
6.) Clean any adhesive- Off of your counter tops and possibly on some tile. You can get it off once it is dried but it is really really hard! So do yourself a favour and get it off your tile ASAP.
7.) Grout- Mix grout in a bucket or use the pre mixed stuff like we did and apply to tile surface using a sweeping pattern on a 45 degree angle to tile joints.
8.) Remove Excess Grout- wait a couple of minutes for the grout to slightly dry and then using an over sized sponge and clean warm water clean the tiles with a circular motion until the tiles are perfectly clean.

Monday, May 7, 2012

Countertop, Sink, Faucet

So I am so disappointed we are still waiting for our cabinet to arrive. It's almost a month over due! Not cool. BUT we are very impatient people so we got a plumber to come over and install the corner counter, sink and faucet. We got a pretty good deal it was $500.00 for a new sink and faucet and new plumbing, sink cut, and he helped install the counter top. Pretty good if you ask me.

Here it is our new black and grey counter top. We are very happy with the look and feel. We had to pay more to have a flat front and also to not have a back, but it was worth every penny if you ask us.

New deeper sink and very shiny! Also new faucet, wasn't my first choice but beggars cant be choosers.

It looks so good, if only we could install the other half.

This is the counter top before.

This is the counter top after

So hopefully the next time you guys hear from me we will have some tile installed and that damn cabinet installed and ready to go. FINGERS CROSSED!!

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Kitchen continued

 Out with the with the new!

This is our old dirty track light that was in our kitchen

 This is our new clean beautiful new light fixture! Makes me so happy!

Jared is not an electrician.... but he did it with very minimal complaining! haha

Before of the light fixture                                                      After the light fixture is installed

So as of now we just got our counter tops delivered! So exciting but we are still waiting on the lower cabinet that I ordered over a month ago which is apparently on back order. So we can't really install the counter top without the cabinet so we are at a stand still.

Except Jared could not wait another second, so he installed the range hood.

I am not going to lie there was some cursing and swearing! It is a lot heaver than you probably imagine. Plus we had to lift it and hook up the electrical. Hence why there is no pictures of the play by play. But it really looks amazing and gives our kitchen a very high end feel! Things are really coming along. We are going to have to take it down when we tile because we want the tile to go behind it. Hopefully its easier the second time around!

We got this range hood for a very affordable price, we looked for months and one day this baby fell into our laps. We were walking through Costco and there it was! We got this range hood for $179.00!!! Can you believe it? Online it says this goes for $279.00 but it was $179.00 in the store and it didn't say it was on sale?