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William Morris, Hopes and Fears for Art (1882)

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Kitchen continued

 Out with the with the new!

This is our old dirty track light that was in our kitchen

 This is our new clean beautiful new light fixture! Makes me so happy!

Jared is not an electrician.... but he did it with very minimal complaining! haha

Before of the light fixture                                                      After the light fixture is installed

So as of now we just got our counter tops delivered! So exciting but we are still waiting on the lower cabinet that I ordered over a month ago which is apparently on back order. So we can't really install the counter top without the cabinet so we are at a stand still.

Except Jared could not wait another second, so he installed the range hood.

I am not going to lie there was some cursing and swearing! It is a lot heaver than you probably imagine. Plus we had to lift it and hook up the electrical. Hence why there is no pictures of the play by play. But it really looks amazing and gives our kitchen a very high end feel! Things are really coming along. We are going to have to take it down when we tile because we want the tile to go behind it. Hopefully its easier the second time around!

We got this range hood for a very affordable price, we looked for months and one day this baby fell into our laps. We were walking through Costco and there it was! We got this range hood for $179.00!!! Can you believe it? Online it says this goes for $279.00 but it was $179.00 in the store and it didn't say it was on sale?

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