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William Morris, Hopes and Fears for Art (1882)

Monday, May 21, 2012

Sea Glass Art

If you read my recent post about the stones collected on PEI you might recall that I also spent a great deal of that vacation walking the idyllic beach and looking for Sea Glass.  It became a personal challenge to see who could find the best pieces, the most unique, the deepest colours.  Each evening we would inspect closer, and wash the red sand from this treasure.
When we came home, I displayed them for a long time on my coffee table (another project for another time), and then they were put away in the cupboard.
 While cruising around Pinterest another pin inspired me to type in Sea Glass, and a number of projects came up, including breaking your own bottles and tumbling them in a rock tumbler to achieve the same results of being tossed in the waves for years.  And so the project began.

A trip to the dollar store for the frame, and a handy husband who bought me the Quick Grip Permanent Adhesive.  It dried clear and was perfect. 
I removed the backing from the frame because I want the light to shine through the glass.  I then used the adhesive to adhere the glass to the frame using a small bead of glue all the way around the frame.
While that was setting I sorted the glass into colour piles.  There was a lot more brown (beer bottles maybe !?!) than other colours and I didn't want to end up with all of them left at the end.

Then randomly I began glueing them to the glass in a disorderly fashion.  Amazingly they all worked in and I am pleased with the results.

Right now my laundry room has been taken over by chickens, and bean plants that are sitting in the windowsill, but as soon as the weather warms enough for all of these to go outside, this southern exposure window will be the perfect home for my Sea Glass Art. 
PS  With the sun shining through this medley of glass, it really is a work of art, and I  love all of the curved pieces and random colours.

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