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Friday, May 11, 2012

Tiling the backsplash

So we got this tile from Home Depot for $11.99 per sq ft. It is marble and is placed on a mesh backing so you don't have to worry about spacing cause its already done for you. We thought this would be a good idea seeing as how both of us have never tiled a single thing before.

Jared putting the mortar on the wall. I am not going to lie it was a lot of trial and error but we figured it out and we had a system in place.

We decided to go up the back wall of the range hood because it will be the main focus of the kitchen.

We were really happy with  it once we got the majority of the tiles on the wall.                          It  looks so good!

NOTE: Tiling is never as clean and easy as you see on TV.   They lie! It was a complete mess. We had to be always wiping and cleaning up little bits of material! BE SURE TO COVER YOUR COUNTER TOPS, SINK AND OVEN!!!

Here is how to install a back splash:
1.) Measure- You have to determine the middle of the wall you want the tile to look the nicest. Be sure to check it twice this is a really important step.
2.) Apply Tile Adhesive- Make sure you start with a small area and apply a thin layer (its surprising but you don't really need a lot) Make sure not to get too ahead of yourself because running into problems like having to cut the tiles to fit, your adhesive might dry right up.
3.) Install the tile- Make sure that the tile is 100% straight and then push quite firmly into place.
4.) Continue to install tile straight and use spacers between the tile if you are using individual tile.
5.) WAIT- Our adhesive said to wait 24-36 hours before applying grout. DO not go ahead and grout right away.
6.) Clean any adhesive- Off of your counter tops and possibly on some tile. You can get it off once it is dried but it is really really hard! So do yourself a favour and get it off your tile ASAP.
7.) Grout- Mix grout in a bucket or use the pre mixed stuff like we did and apply to tile surface using a sweeping pattern on a 45 degree angle to tile joints.
8.) Remove Excess Grout- wait a couple of minutes for the grout to slightly dry and then using an over sized sponge and clean warm water clean the tiles with a circular motion until the tiles are perfectly clean.

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  1. I love the tile. Can you give more specific info so I can go to HD and check them out in person? Great job on the remodel!