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William Morris, Hopes and Fears for Art (1882)

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Vintage Botanical Prints

So for many years now I have been dreaming of vintage botanical prints in frames. I think it looks so amazing! I have looked in thrift stores for old botanical books or text books and always come up short. So while pinning my life away on Pinterest I came across a lady who had beautiful old vintage botanical prints and she said she got them on ebay. So I went searching and found these amazing prints for $29.99 with shipping for a pack of 12.

So originally I had my eye on these beautiful frames from Ikea but the price was just too high at $18.00 a frame times 6! Way to rich for my blood so where else did I go, Walmart. I got 6 frames for $9.00 each.

These are the prints and in the background is some burlap that I had left over for the background.

The frames came with the white border you see and then I placed the print and then the burlap. These babies make me so happy.

I placed them in the floor to space them out and find out who goes where.

Then I put them on the wall. This is for sure the most important and difficult part of this job. The nails have to be in the wall perfectly not tipped up or down or it will throw off the spacing. Then you must measure measure measure because once one is wrong they all look wrong.
So the price of this project was:
6 Frames at $9.00- Close to $60.00
6 Prints was $30.00
Grand Total- $90.00 Not too bad for huge wall art. I am very pleased with myself!

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