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Sunday, June 17, 2012

Newell post candle holder

Last year at Christie's Antique show I was on the hunt for an old porch post that I could re-purpose into a candle holder for our hearth.  I found the perfect pieces, but unfortunately, my cash had run out, and he would not accept a cheque.  The hunt continued.  Over the year whenever I found myself in a treasure store, I kept my eyes open for an inexpensive post, but was unsuccessful. 
 This spring I decided that it was time for a "burn" to get rid of the junk that had accumulated at the fire pit, to be burned someday said Handy Husband.  Well the day had come.  I kept throwing  the odds and ends of wood from our reno into the fire, and the flames grew higher.  Then low and behold what did I find buried under all that stuff but a battered and worn newel post that I am assuming came from the front porch of the original house.  I was very excited.  I had the perfect piece for a candle holder and it had been here the whole time.  My son asked with some doubt "What are you going to do with that?"  When I told him I had been looking for just this kind of thing, he said "I knew it was there the whole time" 

A pressure wash, and a light coat of paint and then some sanding on the edges and I had the piece that I was looking for.  Now I know I need a more colourful candle. Still looking for just the right size.  Definitely a something from nothing piece and so glad that it was me going through the junk pile because if it had been anyone else I know it would have ended up in the fire.

 I guess I need to have a family meeting to inform them of my crazy decorating projects from now on.  They may know just where to find the stuff!

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