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William Morris, Hopes and Fears for Art (1882)

Friday, August 10, 2012

Letter Press Tray Coffee Table

This is a project completed long before Pinterest even existed and is one of my  favourite pieces in the most used room in our house, our family room.  I love the pieces that we have collected and sometimes repurposed or brought back to life in this room.  It really is an eclectic collection.
I copied this picture from My Crafty Days Blog, where Stephanie has another great use for the tray, as I repurposed mine before I even imagined blogging.  This one is fairly similarto the one I bought, but I think I might have paid $10 as opposed to her bargain at $5.  I bought this in about 2009 at
Aberfoyle Antique Market which is a great spot to spend a Sunday afternoon.

Once I had the letter tray then I needed to find  another piece to go with it.  All along I had plans for a coffee table.  I wandered the Market and as luck would have it, I found a wooden box minus the lid but already refinished. Right place, right time.  Back to the stall with the letter tray with a tape measure and it was a perfect fit for the box. 
The inside is perfect for past issues of magazines

We brought it home, and handy husband had a piece of glass cut for the top.  He made a frame for the glass and hinged it to the box.  Over the years I have added letters to  it as I shop around and  we have the words Laugh Love Live and Family.  Always fun to look for new fonts when we are antiquing.  Hope you like my Revamped Letter Press Tray.

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