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William Morris, Hopes and Fears for Art (1882)

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Closet Face Lift

Have I ever told you that my favorite pattern is Chevron. It is so perfect, it is modern but also can be contemporary when used with the right colours. I like to think our bedroom is a little modern/contemporary. Modern in the sense of the colours but contemporary in the sense of pattern and we have no straight hard lines in our room. So I wanted to do something in our poor little closet, for some reason when we paint a bedroom we usually don't paint the closet! I have no idea why we don't do it. I guess it is a lot of work taking all your clothes out but anyways I have had enough of the ugly blue in our closet. So I definitely wanted to do something different, I mean where is the fun in just painting it grey?
 So I thought I will do chevron in white and grey! Yes it was a brilliant idea and may or may not have seen it recently on Pinterest! Anyways I did NOT think it was going to be tough at all, I figured i only needed about 3 hours for the taping and the painting. Well reality sunk in and I was at it for about 6-8 hours!! YIKES!
 Its a lot more work than you think and all your calculations have to be perfect or it won't look good. So this is what you have to do. You have to measure your wall you are doing length wise. Then whatever that number is you need to divide it by how many chevrons you want. For example my closet was 41 inches wide and I wanted 5 chevrons 41 divided by 5 = 8.2 inches.
So start at the top of your wall and make a mark at the 8.2 inches. Then from that mark make another mark 8.2 inches and so on until you have all your marks across your wall.
Then measure 8.2 inches down the wall make a mark go across and make a mark at 4.1 inches across then continue from that point going back to 8.2 across the wall. Then use the tape to connect the two dots and continue down connecting the dots from the up down down up. Until your wall looks like this. You need to cut the tape at the point of each chevron with a exacto knife (which is a pain in the you know what!) Everything that is covered in green tape is going to be grey. Everything in grey is going to be white. 
Overall it was a lot of work but it does go well with the room and such a small little space can have a huge impact. I love it!

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