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William Morris, Hopes and Fears for Art (1882)

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Dining room update

So this is my dining room which is right off from the kitchen and is open concept to the living room. I was just feeling like the two spaces were not meeting together well. We were getting a little bit more younger in the living room and older in the dining room, does that make sense?
So I needed to do something to make this space feel more modern, now we are doing this in steps. First things first I am going to paint my dining room!

This is the living room, that chair does not fit in the space. I really wish it was black but you try telling my husband it has to go!

So this is my table top, it was really damaged in some spots and needed some help.

Since there was some sort of finish that was not coming off easily with sanding I knew I had to prime it. So I put two coats of primer on the table.

So first I painted the table in a "soft black" but once it dried it looked grey or navy blue. Not the look I am going for. So then I went back and got a colour called Black Onyx, and it did the trick!
So then about that light fixture. Don't get me wrong I do like the light but i really did not like the one i had in my foyer. It was way to dated.

So the plan was to get a new fixture for the dining room and move the fixture that was in the dining room into the foyer.
I love my new light fixture! It works really well with the contemporary and modern.

So once the table was done I realized that my grandmothers china cabinet isn't really going with the overall feel of the room. So I am considering moving it into another room and making it into a book shelf. Don't tell Grandma ;)
Also I am going to paint the table behind the sofa (to the right of the picture) black as well.
So the plan now is to find an area rug first! Find something with white, creams, and black to tie everything together.
Then I am going to match the rug to some fabric to re cover the chairs.
Once that is done i am going to go on the hunt for a buffet/sideboard. I am thinking it will go on the wall that the china cabinet is on now. It will need to be very long and not too wide. Then I will either paint it black or white.
Also I am pretty sure I will be painting my entire upstairs a darker grey...
Stay tuned to see what madness I get into next!

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