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William Morris, Hopes and Fears for Art (1882)

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Kitchen is FINISHED!!

The big before and after. We still can not believe we did all this!
To see how we painted our cabinets go to How To Paint Your Kitchen Cabinets 101.
DONE LIKE DINNER!! So happy everything turned out perfect! We were worried that we were getting carried away with the finishing being too cold and modern. Once we put down the flooring we knew we made the right decision!
To see how we tilied our backsplash go to Tiling Backsplash.
 I cant even believe that this was my kitchen! It is sooo small and dated and does not represent our style or taste.

Now this is getting a lot better. Still it looks more like a hospital because of the all white cabinets, appilances, and backsplash. Also the walls and the countertops matching is not working for me.


So now the breakdown:
Countertop $707.32
Cabinet $235.50 at Lowes (it was 50% off due to back order and mis information)
Pantry $324.67
Backsplash $354.89 Home Depot
Floor $332.50 at Wal Mart
Light Fixture $69.87 Lowes
Paint for Cabinet $35.97 at Home Depot
Paint On walls $32.95 at Home Depot
Sink $143.00 from plumber
Faucet $63.89 from plumber
Fridge $600.00 at Kijiji
Stove &800.00 at Kijiji
Range hood $179.00 at Costco
Microwave $89.62 at Lowes
Odds and ends (eg. drywall, grout, eletrical wire, cabinet hardware, etc) $342.43
GRAND TOTAL: $4311.61


  1. How is the hood working? I am planning on installing a hood for our kitchen but I will have to hire someone. Can you give me details? I really love your kitchen and I like how you moved the microwave below the cabinets.

  2. Hi Jacki I am sorry for the late reply. If you know someone who is handy then they will have no problem with the install of the range hood. Basically once you remove the cabinet above your stove you will see there is a vent hose. That vent hose will be cut and will go inside the new range hood. The range hood we had was very forgiving, you could change the height very easily. Are you going to tile up the wall behind your range hood? If so, I suggest temporally installing the range hood. Basically there was two screws that went into the wall and then the back of the range hood clicked on. Then once it is in the perfect spot and once installed looks and works great. Then take the range hood down and tile around the screws (make sure you will still have enough wiggle room to still hang the range hood). If you have any other questions please ask! Again sorry for the late reply!

  3. WOW!! LOVE IT!! You basically flipped your kitchen! The wood was on the cupboards & is now on the floor. The white is now on your cupboards & it was on the floor! It looks like a professional did it!! Great job!!

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