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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Kitchen so close to done

So we went back and forth on what we wanted for the flooring in our kitchen because the blue and white has got to go! We had grey and white tile floor but felt it would make the whole thing feel a little too, cold? It needed a little warmth so we decided to go with some inexpensive laminate wood floor that matched the rest of our upstairs floor. This was no small task, we searched every store we could think of. Guess where the closest one was... Wal Mart, I know what you are thinking. "You can buy flooring at Wal Mart?" I thought the same thing but there it was, the closest thing we could match to our existing floor.
 So first thing first. We matched the way the flooring was laid in the rest of our house and then we started away from the cabinets.  I know in this picture it looks like we are starting at the cabinets but we were just making 100% sure we loved it! ;)
The first thing you have to do is take up the trim that is closest to the floor, its just skinny and is in front of your baseboards. We were really careful to bring it all up in once piece cause we were going to reuse it after the floor was put in. Note* if you are doing a very large area make sure you label this trim with what wall it goes on.
Gary (the dog) really wanted to help and was quite curious about what was going on.
So this is where we started, you always have to keep in mind that you want the least amount of cuts to be where you won't see them (aka the wall away from the doorway)
 So we laid down our first line on the wall to the right. Its really easy with the floor we used, it just sorta snapped into place. Once that wall was done we then started a new line beside it, we cut one of the floor boards in half and then started to offset the lines. In hindsight we really didn't have to do that, with this flooring you have no idea when one starts and the other finishes. We continued to go across the kitchen.
Here we go, time to warm this kitchen up!
The existing floor is on the left and new is on the right.
Everyone is in on the fun! Rocky got himself in a tight spot.
 This was the hardest part of the whole thing, once you get close to a cabinet or a wall it is very minimal space to work with. It gets tough, just remember if you have a gap and the floor doesn't go right against the wall no worries, that's what your trim is for! We had the same panic feeling that we were going to have gaps but once the trim went up everything looked perfect.
 We are more than happy with the way it turned out!
 Now just waiting on that cabinet door!

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