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William Morris, Hopes and Fears for Art (1882)

Monday, September 24, 2012

Spare Room Closet Makeover

So we have a very small "bedroom" in our house and it had a twin bed in it and a desk. Everything was feeling very cramped. I really wanted to make the room feel as big as it possibly could. The desk I have had for at least 4 years and it just isn't working anymore the drawers were very hard to open and it just doesn't fit the space. So I cleaned out the closet and I could NOT make myself take a picture of the before, it was just to crazy in there.
But this is a picture of the mayhem, literally. So my plan was to make an office out of the closet. I needed a shelf and something to use for a top of a desk. But as I don't work at home or spend time at a desk I decided that I really didn't need a work area like a desk. So I just decided to make it for storage with a drawer bin and a filing cabinet and some shelves.
First things first, green closet sorry you gotta go. I used some paint that I had from my hallway downstairs to save on cost. It's a little darker than the room colour but I feel it works really nice. Then I painted the top in a soft white.

I recovered the old shelf in a black, white, and cream drawer liner 
I found at the Dollarama.

Then I bought a shelf from Home Depot, I think it was like $16.97. Then I picked up two decorative brackets for $8.99 each.

 I also got 3 jars with stainless steel lids to put things like scissors, pens, erasers in.
When all was done I have much more room in my tiny room and also I get to just close the door on all my bills! Win win

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