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William Morris, Hopes and Fears for Art (1882)

Friday, September 14, 2012

Spare Room Makeover-Chaotic Red to Serene Muslin

First of all, thank you for continuing to check in to our blog.  Our apologies for the sporadic entries.  With fall comes routine, so watch for lots of great projects that have been going on at our houses over the past few months.

This was our youngest son's room.  Word of warning do not let children choose their own paint colour without a little bit of guidance persuasion to go to the colour that you would really like.  This room has been fire engine red for too long.  It was time for something a little more calming and on a very hot day Handy Husband decided that it was much better to work inside than out and the project began.  I must say that I was very impressed with Benjamin Moore's tinted primer.  One coat of primer and 2 of Muslin, final coat colour and those 4 coats of red were completely coloured.   

That really was bright red.  The headboard was a great find at Christies Antique sale a few years ago.


After- Ah!
I decided to put that blue striped chair in our bedroom, another project, and replace it with this antique rocker.  I think that it works great.  The night stand make over is the subject of an upcoming blog too.  I found the bedspread and shams in the exact colour of the walls and at $30 they were a good bargain.

I know that this $3 mirror , that I found at a yard sale belongs on the wall. I just need to decide which way it should go and then a Sepia canvas from Heritage Makers  of my photo of the Eiffel Tower from our Paris trip and I think this room will be completely transformed from Chaos to Serenity.

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