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William Morris, Hopes and Fears for Art (1882)

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Master Bath

This picture has been in my inspiration file since October 2006 and came from Style at Home magazine.  As you can see it is well worn.  It took a little convincing to bring Jeff on board. He sometimes doubts his handy husband talents, but I think the results are fabulous.  

Although not exact, I think our Master En suite, really does mimic the inspiration.  We moved upstairs to our Master Bedroom in the spring of 2010 and then worked away at our bathroom.  We actually just finished well are almost finished now.  Just some trim left to do and then I think we can call it complete.
We searched all of our area stores for a vanity like the one in the magazine, considered having it custom built until we saw the price tag, and then agonized some more about how we could achieve the look we wanted.  We ended up purchasing kitchen cabinets from Home Depot.  The vanity portion is slightly higher than a usual bathroom vanity, but Jeff is tall and it works.  The cabinet that sits on the vanity is actually an upper one door cabinet.  We found the mirror and vanity light fixture at Lowes, and I think they might be exactly the ones in the photo.  A little bling from a chandelier that I had bought with my daughter in mind a few years ago and we were well on our way to a cheaper more cost effective version or the Style at Home bath.

The cupboard at the end of the tub is actually a white kitchen cabinet that Jeff inset into the wall and then completed with trim.  The tub was framed in and ready for a good soak.  So that took a few months, and we continued to shower in the main bathroom until we could get up the courage to tile the shower.  It really was a daunting project.

And here's a sneak peak at the finished shower.  Watch for an upcoming post to see how we did it.  So what do you think.  Do you like our Copycat Bathroom?

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