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William Morris, Hopes and Fears for Art (1882)

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Old Chair New Look

So this is my old chair. We have been through a lot together. First I found this gem in a Thrift store and it had no seat. It was just the back legs and arms. So my handy uncle Jeff cut a piece of plywood to make a new bottom to the seat. Then I bought some foam for a comfortable seat and recovered it in this brown and white hexagon shaped pattern. Now you are up to speed. It is the original stain. 
Now when I bought the original fabric (above) it really worked for the downstairs where it was. But now I have moved this number to be upstairs in my living room which is more of blues, greys, beige, yellow and white. So the browns just aren't cutting it anymore.

Now living near a big city you would think I would have no problem finding the perfect upholstery fabric to cover this new chair. Well you my friend would be dead wrong. I looked everywhere to try and find something that had a perfect amount of grey and and yellow in it and came up with nothing. I looked everywhere to try and find the fabric I had envisioned in my head. Until one day I learned of a website called Online Fabric Store. Now don't everyone get excited if you live in Canada! Cause in my excitement  I may have overlooked many of the shipping requirements and needless to say it cost me a fortune. But what is done is done. So basically if you are looking for cheap and cool fabric to recover something and you live in Canada I cant help you, sorry. But if you want to empty every nickle in your pocket I know a place. (I'm just a little bitter)

This is my cool and very expensive fabric I bought online from the US and got hammered with shipping and freight cost. Was it worth it, maybe...

Anyways out with the old and in with the new! It is so easy to recover a chair when the bottom comes right out. All you have to do is cut your new fabric bigger than your seat giving you lots of extra material just in case. Then you literally just start stapling with a staple gun. Now how I did it is put a staple in the middle of a side and then staple the opposite side and pull at the same time. Depending on the fabric you don't want to pull too hard or too little. Just make sure it is tight but not stretching too much. Then just keep going around and leave the corners until last. What I used on the corners is called "hotel corner" Wikihow explains how to do it nicely. 

And there you have it folks an old chair breaths new life once again!

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