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Sunday, September 7, 2014

Picture Going Up The Stairs

Now this project has been on my list for years. I always wanted to put some sort of pictures going up the staircase. To me it just looks so good, so I finally wrestled out these vintage botanical prints from when Iused them in my dining room and got to work.

The frames were from Michaels and only cost $7.00 each. Not too bad. Then I had some burlap left over from projects (who am I kidding I have a whole roll of it in my closet, for emergencies. You can never have enough burlap) Then I put on the prints. They look similar to the ones I have in my dining room but the frame size is bigger. I didn't want them to look the exact same so it worked out.

 I have a split staircase so this is me looking down at the bottom set of stairs. Kinda boring eh.

 This is standing on the bottom of the stairs looking up.

So basically I hung the frames at gallery height which is 57". Then I just hung them on every other stair. 

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