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William Morris, Hopes and Fears for Art (1882)

Friday, August 23, 2013

New look- Dining Room Chairs

So these are my dining room chairs. They have this fabric that is almost like a silk on them. Which as one can imagine is horrible for stains and not easy to clean or wipe off. So needless to say these babies needed a face lift. 

Also the colour was not working since I painted the room and my dining room table black. They just weren't "doing it for me" anymore. SO again I was having a very hard time finding the perfect fabric in stores and online in Canada. So when I was buying fabric for my "old chair" I also bought fabric for my eight dining room chairs.

I decided to go with this pattern. I just wanted something that could last me a long time and not go out of style. I mean black and white is timeless. Also the quality of this fabric is perfect for everyday use.

So again, I had to take all the seats out of all eight chairs. Then I cut out the seat size giving a lot of distance on all sides. Then I stapled like a mad women with my staple gun (who doesn't love a staple gun?) So how I did it was I stapled one side of the seat in the middle and then stapled in the middle of the opposite side and continued to stretch and pull the fabric and make my way around. Again remember do not pull too much or your fabric might look distorted and keep making sure that your pattern is centered and doesn't look like it's on a slant. Leave the corners until last. Wikihow has a great explanation on how to fold the corners and then staple them down.

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