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Sunday, August 31, 2014

A great little Chair

This chair was a freebie.  Gotta love something for nothing. I had it for quite a while and it sat in the basement waiting to be transformed.  The problem was I didn't know where I wanted to put it or whether or not to paint the wood.
 Step 1.  I found these pillow shams at Ikea that had the exact colours of our bedroom, and I thought that I would be able to make them work as the covering for the chair.  However once I really got serious about this project I realized that although the piece would work for the back, the seat was going to have to be seamed, and I wasn't sure that I wanted to go to all that effort and then not like the results.  So back to the drawing board.
  I went to Lowes and bought a "sampler" pot of paint.  Just the right amount and couldn't beat the price at just over $4 and decided to paint and antique the chair with my new favourite product, furniture wax.  I had a huge piece of muslin in my fabric stash, purchased some decorative trim and in an afternoon I had the chair torn apart and recovered.  Unfortunately no photos, but it really was simple.  A good staple gun is the key to a successful upholstery job.

A little sandpaper to "age" it a little, and done.  And those Ikea pillows shams, well, I actually used them as they were meant to be used, and they make great throw pillows on the bed.

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