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William Morris, Hopes and Fears for Art (1882)

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Autumn Mantle with Pallet Sign

Well after much unsuccessful hunting for a pallet, (one got sold in our old truck, because Handy Husband couldn't imagine what we would do with it) I remembered that I had saved some weathered wood that I had thought about having someone handy, make into a picture frame.  That project never came to fruition, and on the weekend I decided to transform it, with a little help, into a sign for the fall mantle.

The beginning of my masterpiece
Jeff cut the pieces into approximately 17 inch pieces and I loved these worn edges.

Handy hubby cleated these together with a piece of wood at the back and then I had my canvas to start painting.  The inspiration for my Autumn sign, although mine is much smaller, came from a pin that I had repined a few months ago.You can check out the blog at . 

Fall Mantel with pallet wood sign by Serendipity Refined
Inspiration Picture from Pinterest.

I had printed out a clip art leaf to use for reference and drew it on the sign with chalk. 

 Acrylic craft paints in red, orange and yellow and the leaf was complete. The weathered wood showing through gives the leaf great texture.  I looked online for a quote or poem that I liked and found this.  "Autumn carries more gold in its pocket than all the other seasons" Jim Bishop

I printed it out in a font that I liked and then turned the paper over and covered the back with chalk.  Next I laid the paper on the wood where I wanted the text, and went over the font with a pen.  The chalk transferred the letters to the board, and then I went over them with  a sharpie marker. There is a dark mark on the centre piece of wood, but some nail polish remover and some vinegar lightened it up enough to make that line readable.

 The mantle at night.  Have to love the battery operated candles that look so realistic

When the mini pumpkins are ready they will complete the look of our Fall Mantle 2014.

This was a quick Sunday afternoon project and is a true example of creating Something From Nothing- No trip to the store, No cost. Oh and I forgot to mention that later in the afternoon my husband found a pallet, so the thinking cap is on for the next project.

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