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William Morris, Hopes and Fears for Art (1882)

Saturday, September 6, 2014

House Before Pictures

One year today I purchased a small cottage/lake house with a major need to be updated! The house is around 50 years old built in a small town on Lake Simcoe, Ontario. This house is a hop skip and a jump from waterfront, private beach, boat marina, and golf course. I fell in love with the neighbourhood because of its laid back cottage country feel... The house on the other hand took a lot of convincing! I saw this house 3 times before I finally made up my mind to buy it. Even though it's not a lot of house, it has a huge backyard, outdoor sheds, garage, gazebo, several flower gardens, front and back deck, and potential for a bunkie. It also came with its downsides like septic system, well water, lots of maintenance, oh and let's not forget the tiny kitchen and bathroom. Finally in the end the pros outweighed the cons and I decided that it was the one for me. I have been in this house a year today and I have had ups and downs great times and bad but overall I know I made the right decision! So here is a sample of what the house was looking like when I bought the place one year ago.

This is the view from the living room into the kitchen... I know I can barely look at the wood panelling either!!


Yes you are seeing it right...that is my kitchen (told you it was super small). This is a huge issue for resale and the future for the house. For me living alone in this house it actually works quite nice for now.

Yep thats the ugh bathroom..... Can you see why I was worried about this place?  The bathroom works well for me and I have no major issues with it right now. It's a project that will be tackled in the future.

Then down the hallway there are 3 small cozy bedrooms. Cant wait to share some of the amazing changes that has happened in the past year to this place.

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