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"Have nothing in your houses that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful."
William Morris, Hopes and Fears for Art (1882)

Friday, September 12, 2014


Now there is an upside to having wood paneling everywhere in my house, it does add character once painted.  My house is so small that I had to paint everything white to make it brighter and feel bigger. Again I do have a wish list for this room and  all in good time I will start crossing them off!

First I painted everything white with one of my favourite paints. Its called CIL Smart3 Wash & Wear Furniture and Cabinet Melamine finish. It is so amazing, goes on really easily and blocks out the wood colour. You can get all the details here on Home Depot website.

I removed the cupboard above the fridge because it wasn't very handy being there! It has made a huge difference not being there and is in keeping with the airy feel. 

When I bought this house the previous homeowners knew that the stove did not work but they did not tell me that. The stove top worked but the only thing that worked in the oven was the broil! I wasn't overly upset because that oven was so ugly and old. So out with the old and in with the new. I got this stainless steal oven on Kijiji for only $200!! The new oven has the controls on the front not at the back which gave the illusion of having much more room (which this kitchen needs a lot of)

There was a table top dishwasher on a cabinet that was mobile. I guess they used to wheel it over to the sink to wash the dishes. Well it just had to go because it was taking up way more room that this kitchen has. Once gone it opens up the space so much more and works much better for me.

I decided to keep the ceiling the wood paneling because it was lighter and nicer than the paneling on the walls. Also it just adds the perfect amount of character and warmth and works well with the white walls and nautical feel I am going for.

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