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William Morris, Hopes and Fears for Art (1882)

Thursday, March 30, 2017

Nautical Engagement Decorations

One of my great friends got married a few summers ago and I thought I would share some of the nautical decorations I made for her surprise Engagement Party! 

This is actually super easy to make,anyone can make this! All you need is 5 terracotta pots make sure in the store that they will all fit one on top of the other, and one saucer. All you need to do is paint the pots red and the top lip white. Add the windows on each pot. Stack them on top of one another and I made the top railing with popsicle sticks hot glued and twine! You can also put a solar light in the top but we put a candle inside and it was great!

This was also another easy project to do! All you need is a foam wreath ring, tape, paint, stencil, brush, rope and your  glue gun. Take the wreath ring and cover it with white tape. I even used wide masking tape and it worked great!  

Layout the stencils where you want the letters. Remember to leave enough room for the rope that will be going around each side of the last name. I then just sponge brushed the letters in navy blue acrylic paint. Then I wrapped the rope around the wreath on each side. I glued the rope to the wreath on the backside for more support! That's how you make a personalized nautical life preserver! 

So as it turns out we have a group of people who enjoy a cocktail or 3 so I decided to make this "LETS GET SHIP FACED" sign. It was a really big hit and took no time at all to make! 

I already had the burlap so all I did was cut it into triangles, stencil each letter on each triangle, and then I literally hot glued the twine to the back of the triangle and done!!! So easy and everyone will notice how great it looks! 

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